St. James Investment Co., Ltd. Commentary 5-15-2017

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Portfolio Management and Cash Today’s S&P 500 is one of the three most overvalued markets in U.S. history based upon a number of metrics, including price-to-GDP, price-to-sales, price-to-book value and the CAPE (Cyclically Adjusted PE).

Ned Davis 1Q17 Commentary

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Global View Asset Allocation Strategies April 12, 2017 The Global View Global Asset Allocation model remained bullishly positioned beginning the 2nd quarter with overall equity exposure overweight, fixed income underweight and no exposure to cash.

ETF Asset Class Quickview 2/6/2017

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  Our ETF Rank Quickview is designed for financial advisors who use a tactical or trend following approach to investing. Included are bullet points on market activity, a ranking of trending asset classes, as well as, intermediate and long-term trend signals. 

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A Dollar here, a Dollar there

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The U.S. dollar rally has been epoch the past month. The strength has led to inflows into U.S. equity markets, as well as, put a lid on inflation. With an international shortage of dollars, the trend of an appreciating currency could last for some time.

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ETF Asset Class Quickview: 11/25/2016

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The “Trump Rally” has moved small caps and financials at their fastest pace since 1987. All major US Equity indices have hit all-time highs and by sustaining them over the last several days, this is a sign that the bulls are clearly in charge.