About The Global View Outlook

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The world is changing faster than it ever has. Demographics, global debt, activist central banks, divided governments, climate change, geopolitics, technology and many other factors are bombarding us with new information daily. Often the internet can make disseminating information difficult, as there is simply too much for any person to sort through.

Our goal is to filter through the storm of data, developments and ideas that are shaping the world around us. We hope that this website will help you find the knowledge and wisdom you need secure your financial freedom. Please visit the “Why page to find out more about who we are and why we are writing “The Global View Outlook.”

Here are the core posts you will find on the site:

Quarterly Investment Letter

Each quarter we will write an investment letter with an introductory review of the past quarter, a macro analysis, a micro analysis, market trends overview and some of the key concerns we will be watching in the upcoming quarter. These letters will form the backbone of this site.

What We’re Watching

Each Monday, we will provide a review of the last week’s most important developments and a preview of the most important themes that we will be watching this week. Throughout the week we will provide updates and links that include important information for investors and financial advisers.

Market Trends Quickview

Each Monday, we will release our Market Trends Quickview that ranks sectors, investment styles and asset classes relative to money market funds. This is unique because it illustrates whether holding cash or cash equivalents are favored over other major asset classes or sectors. In addition, we will publish our proprietary intermediate and long-term BUY/SELL signals to generally guide you through changing market conditions. We use similar information for our clients in our investment programs to make tactical asset allocation decisions and is a companion to the “What We’re Watching” piece.

Curated Content

From time to time, we will include certain articles and research that we find important to investors and advisers. Sometimes we’ll comment, other times we’ll just suggest that you take a minute to read the piece. Also, along the bottom of our website are 4 link sections. We include select pieces from the money managers who have earned their way onto our platform, personal finance related articles, reads that we just find interesting and important, as well as, an up to date Reuters financial news feed.

Financial Planning

Each week we discuss financial planning topics that can include personal finance, retirement planning, insurance, estate planning and a host of other important ideas. We will primarily include articles and case studies that we believe can help people understand their options, as well as, help financial advisers work with clients to find solutions.

Financial Industry

Understanding the developments in the financial industry is not just important to financial advisers, but also to savers and investors. Topics such as fiduciary standards, practice management, fin-tech and regulations are important for achieving a successful financial practice. We will include stories from some of our top advisers on how they are navigating their practices and clients through this rapidly changing industry.