Tactical Dividend Investing

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With a huge demand for dividend paying stocks, we turn to Day Hagan’s monthly Tactical Dividend Strategy update. Hagan’s style revolves around the idea that even with dividend investing, a tactical approach works better than a buy and hold strategy. In this month’s note, he points out how Brexit and other factors impacted and could further impact the markets.

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Rats, Cats and other Predators

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St. James Investment Company’s quarterly letter is one of our favorite reads. This quarter, St. James discusses a concept that should be particularly important to today’s market participants. Just as we discussed how central banks have distorted the market climate in our quarterly letter, St. James adds on with the idea that “…investors now operate today in an artificial environment created by central banks where investors are losing the desire to invest based on fundamentals.”

Stabilization of Oil Prices Calms Markets

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In W.E. Donoghue & Co.’s quarterly letter, firm President Jeffrey R. Thompson, discusses how the stabilization of the oil markets has prevented a potential credit crisis from the recent energy market collapse. In this letter, Thompson discusses the dollar’s impact on markets and the Fed’s interest rate policy as well. Also included is a synapses of the firm’s investment strategy.

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ETF Asset Class Quickview – 7/15/2016

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Each week, Global View Capital Management, LTD. distributes their proprietary asset class rankings that measure trends and risks in the markets. In this more comprehensive version of the report, which is meant for financial advisors, Global View includes the ETFs that it uses for some of its investment strategies.

Oakview Capital Management: July 2016 Quarterly Letter

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Oakview Capital Management is another of the money managers available on the Global View Capital Management platform. In their quarterly letter they discuss how they have been able to beat the S&P 500 by dynamically investing in stocks and holding cash to a very high percentage of the portfolio. Their tactical decision to hold a high percentage of cash in the Oakview Value portfolio has resulted in significantly lower risk versus the overall stock market.