Market Trends Report

ETF Trend Rankings Quickview 1/13/2017

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Our ETF Rank Quickview is designed for financial advisors who use tactical or trend following approaches while investing. Included you will find bullet points on market activity, a ranking of trending asset classes, as well as, intermediate and long-term trend signals. 

Market Bullet Points

U.S. equities continue to take turns leading the rankings as markets keep teasing new highs. While the rally has been broad based since the election, some momentum has been lost. We continue to see significant confidence from American investors, as well as, small business people. This optimism is firmly connected to hopes for delivery of growth policies by the incoming Trump administration and Republican Congress. With solid employment and wage numbers, and a small uptick in inflation, there is reason to believe we can see more progress soon.

  • Technology jumped to the top two rankings in this week’s report. The broader technology sector ranks second from the top, while the internet industry ranked on top.
  • The broad Nasdaq 100, largely comprised of technology companies, but also some biotech and consumer names, was a hair behind the pure technology plays.
  • Financials remained strong and are still flashing both intermediate and long-term positive signals.
  • Midcap stocks were particularly strong as that index is comprised of a significant number of financial, industrial and energy names.
  • Telecommunications remained strong as well on the  back of several big firms chugging along and several others rebounding.
  • Small caps remained positive, but not where they were a few weeks ago.
  • Energy Equipment and Services slipped a bit, presumably on a doubts about oil supply and demand balancing in 2017.
  • Some international stocks started to show life for the first time in a while.
  • The money market investment option continues to rank in the mid-range indicating there are plenty of good spots to put money to work for risk adjusted returns.

Tactical Asset Allocation

For tactical asset managers and informed investors using an ETF strategy, knowing the relative strengths within the markets is important. Observing relative price movements between sectors and asset classes provides important information. This data is vital not only for returns in rising markets, but also for risk management.

On Tuesday’s we expand the ETF Asset Class Quickview into a full Market Trends Review designed for investors, as well as, financial advisors. The Market Trends Review is also available post-publication on the Seeking Alpha page of Global View Capital Management’s President, Dina Fliss. Be sure to follow her there.

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