Ned Davis 1Q17 Commentary

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Global View Asset Allocation Strategies April 12, 2017 The Global View Global Asset Allocation model remained bullishly positioned beginning the 2nd quarter with overall equity exposure overweight, fixed income underweight and no exposure to cash.

ETF Quickview 3-31-2017

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Money Market has moved up the relative strength ranking to 29 from 41 this past week responding to Congress postponing the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Traders have been calling into question the ability for Washington to overcome gridlock with the realization that there are factions within the GOP. So, the short-term indicators have already moved into an “oversold” state and have “worked it off,” all in a few trading days. The market is presently in a neutral state. Intermediate and long-term trends for the most part are still bullish, with sentiment moving from an extreme pessimism on a short-term basis, but have reversed to neutral. The VIX indicator (fear-index) is low and so is overall market volume, not strong in either direction. It’s probably a good idea to be cautious through this pullback and consolidation. All three of the L/S strategies; S&P 500, US Equity and Dynamic Treasury are all in cash. NDR & GTAC Models are still favoring the US equity markets. There is some developed market exposure and even smaller allocations to emerging markets. On the bond side, high yields, floating rate, TIPS and emerging market bonds are in favor. For those of you that were at our dynamite Spring Summit, remember the peak-to-peak principal. When your vision is clear and energy is high, move to action and build off of your momentum, peak-to-peak! Hut 1! Hut 2! Dina -2017

ETF Quickview 3/10/2017

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Money Market remains stable in its ranking, currently at 33. You will notice that Small & Mid-caps are losing some momentum indicating that the broader market is not as healthy as the level of the S&P may suggest. The Russell 2000 is up 0.60%, giving up most all of its gains for the year. The Fed is due to increase interest rates on Wednesday and the market has been pricing it in the rate hike over the last few weeks; which may be the reason for the consolidation we have been in recently. Overall we may be in a small corrective phase and it appears that a short-term pullback may be in the cards. We would see this as a buying opportunity due to the intermediate and longer-term trends are still positive. Currently the S&P 500 L/S strategy is fully invested and the US Equity L/S strategy is still in cash. 3/10/2017