Statistics and experience have shown that investors with a well-established financial plan and a disciplined investment process do better over time than those who do not. At Global View Capital Advisors, Ltd. our goal is to Design, Grow, and Protect your Personal Economy, in order to help fulfill your dreams.

Our financial advisors spend a great deal of time creating financial plans to help you create the lifestyle that you want. Our financial planning process centers around you. We organize and analyze financial information then make recommendations specifically tailored to your unique situation. Financial plans that encompass cash flow, insurance, estate and investments create the necessary framework to reach the greatest level of financial freedom.

gyroscope2The Investment Committee at Global View Capital Management, Ltd. focuses on providing investment solutions that provide the fuel for your financial plan. Risk management is the foundation of Global View Capital Management’s investment process.

We believe that the old rules of static asset allocation and passive investing no longer work. To adapt to a world where markets are globalized, investment management needs to be dynamic and multi-dimensional. Having an investment strategy that minimizes the impact of black swan events has a profound effect on investment performance over time.

Because of the realities in the world, we developed tactical investment strategies designed to offer the potential for growth while being able to flexibly compensate for downside risks in unpredictable markets. We are pioneers in tactical global asset allocation strategies using low cost exchange traded funds (ETFs). Tactical investing revolves around mitigating risks and participating in opportunities by reacting properly to market movements, not trying to predict the next unpredictable movement.

In addition to our in-house investment management, we also provide a thoroughly diversified investment platform including over four dozen other vetted top money managers.  We have used our investment experience to identify the managers who share a broader philosophy of risk managed opportunism. This approach allows us to offer a wide range of effective investment solutions across all of our clients’ accounts. Our wealth management clients include families, institutions and retirement plans, located throughout the United States and Canada.

We measure investment performance over long time periods, however, we realize that we all live in the short and intermediate terms. By focusing on smart financial planning and risk-managed investment processes, we look to bridge the gap from living today to building an even better tomorrow.

Whether you are a beginning saver or an established investor, please visit us at Global View Capital Advisors (financial planning) and Global View Capital Management (investment management), to learn more about working with us.

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