Most websites offer an “about” page to describe their firm, products or services. This website is meant to help you achieve and protect your personal economy and financial freedom.

What follows is the story of “why” we have built this website:

My earliest memory of money was at age four, after the loss of my father. I vividly remember peering out from under the dining room table into the kitchen, as my mother cried out loud, “What will we do? I don’t have any money to feed these kids.”

My grandparents encircled her in their arms as she sobbed broken-heartedly. I knew, as much as a four-year-old could know, that my life was about to change in some fundamental way. Security was my new motivation.

In retrospect, the loss of my father and our family’s money troubles were the emotional triggers that set me on the path to founding Global View Capital Management.

Later on, I believed that if I could learn the principles of money, I could free myself from the feeling that there was never enough.

Sadly, my mother never recovered from the shock of being alone with three children to support. She began to drink and wasn’t capable of caring for us and we slipped into the shame of poverty and welfare.

My grandparents took me in and although they were poor in cash flow, they lived in a small cottage on land in Central Wisconsin that they had purchased during the Great Depression. They deeply distrusted banks and hated the stock market. We raised our own food, canned, hunted and fished. Although, poor by most standards, we were rich in love for each other, our community, church and my school.

My grandparents taught me that when God places a dream in your heart, pay attention. My teachers taught me that with a good education anything was possible. I had an early aptitude for math and science which later became the foundation for understanding money and quantitative finance.

One of my first mentors in business had me read books on monetary history so that I would understand mankind’s relationship with money and how civilizations rose and fell based upon their monetary system. To this day, we have an extensive collection of books on monetary history that I know of. After 30 years, I am ready to share what I have learned with the world.

My husband Dean, who is my best friend and business partner, believe that leading by example is the best way to teach. Our mission is to help as many people reach their dreams as possible.

The opportunity to create wealth is very much alive! We hope to attract the kind of people who want to make their dreams a reality. Our belief is you aren’t really free until you’re financially free. There really is no number attached to financial freedom, it’s more about reaching goals and living a fulfilling happy life unshackled from financial stress. Once you are armed with the knowledge of how to create wealth, you are in a position to help others and ultimately, change the world, but NOT until YOU are in a position of financial strength FIRST.

Since 1983, we have been teaching others the principles of money and how to create financial independence. We have helped thousands of clients and hundreds of advisors from all walks of life. This site is dedicated to lighting the way to help you gain the insights and tools needed to achieve financial independence.

Dina Fliss – President Global View Capital Managment, LTD